Broads Keeper Cap Management / Transactions Pt III

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Re: Broads Keeper Cap Management / Transactions Pt III

Post #2751 by KesselsNut » Tue Feb 12, 2019 1:34 pm

chicpea wrote:I would honestly prefer doing it manually and mailing out my stats to empee each week to ever using Yahoo for more than a one-off temp league. It is not built for keepers. It is not built for 2012. They have been consistently late with roster updates since at least 2002, I don't think they have draft pick trades, they don't carry minor leaguers, plus their interface is buggy, which is surprising seeing as they're one of - if not THE first/longest-lasting sites to do pools.

If we can find another site comparable to fantrax but better, I am all for switching. But as it stands, fantrax is head and shoulders above the competition.

My only concern is that they try that new advertising model they tried to pull on us earlier this year before backtracking.

I believe with Yahoo you can trade the next year's picks and designate keepers but yeah there are no minor league guys. Fantrax is pretty dope as someone who has mostly only ever used Yahoo.

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